Third Party Billing for Auto Accident Injuries

Used when your benefits have been exhausted or you did not have Personal Injury benefits in your car insurance policy and the other driver is at fault.

Massage therapy can be covered under 3rd party auto insurance benefits to help you recover from your car accident. There are a few requirements that need to be met. 

What you need to know about 3rd party PIP benefits.

Liability insurance is required for every driver in the state of Washington. This car insurance protects the driver from having to pay personally for any injury they may cause if they are found to be at fault in causing a car accident. This insurance covers medical and other bills of another driver and their passengers in the case of a car accident. Using this liability insurance from the other driver is called a third party insurance claim. First party would be self pay, second party would be your insurance and 3rd party is the at fault parties insurance being used to pay for your medical and massage bills. 

Using third party PIP benefits for massage therapy.

Third party car insurance can cover massage therapy. We will need basic information about the insurance policy of the person who caused the accident, a doctors prescription, your insurance policy information and your attorneys contact information. We accept third party PIP when you are not at fault and when an attorney has been retained. 

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*Verification of PIP or third party benefits does not guarantee payment by the insurance company. Massage bills are ultimately the responsibility of the patient. 

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